Tippi2 on Fohr

Tippi2 enjoying the snow on the island of Fohr

Bree is a flower girl at Camilla and Kevin's wedding

Well I'm beginning to doubt that we bred Bree as I can't see any dirty pawmarks and slober on that dress! She could teach our dogs a few manners I'm sure. Hugh congratulations to Camilla and Kevin.

English Springer Spaniel Club 2010

Our beautiful girl Rattan

Introducing "BB"

This is our new girl "BB" taken at the ESS Club Championship Show. Thanks to Jane Eyington for taking the photos of her and Gus on the day.


Maise and Tiffin taking it at their own pace!

Sleeping Partners

Maise and Tiffin

Beresford's In Bed!

Sam and Katie

Nosey Parkers!

Sam,Eve and Katie on holiday.

Tippi2 on Fohr

Tippi2 has gone to live on an island with Marcus and Klaus. I think she'll love her new home.

Gone Fishing!

Tippi2 making friends!

Spring (er) Time!

Tippi2 in her garden

Making Friends

Maise getting to know her new room mate, Tiffin. Thank you to Paul and Pat for offering her such a wonderful home.

Snow Way To Go!

When Trudy said I was going to live abroad, I was hoping it was going to be Barbados or The Sechelles! The Czech Republic, Anna winter 2008

The Christmas Fairy!

In England we just put a fairy at the top of our Christmas Tree! They must do it a bit differently in The Czech Republic! Anna, Tommy and the rest of the gang, December 2008

Gus And Trudy

Gus's first show - The English Springer Club Of Wales. 12/10/2008

Perfick Petranella's!

Frankie And Gus at their first show, Oct 2008.

Gorgeous Gus

Oct 2008.

Bruv Luv!

Fabulous Frankie and Gorgeous Gus.

Pretty Woman!

Anna, checking out what's hot and what's not!

Three Men In A Boat

Plus Anna!

Kissin' Cousins

Benji And Lucy. Summer 2008

Forever Friends

Benji, summer 2008

A Room With A View!

Sam and Eve on holiday in The Lake District, summer 2008.

The Great Wall Of ......

Sam on holiday, summer 2008.

Where Is Everybody?

Sam,on holiday, summer 2008.

This Grass Needs Cutting!

Sam, The Lake District, summer 2008.

It's A Hard Life!

Anna, Tommy And Eva taking it easy. Summer 2008

So Glad I Emigrated!

Tommy shortly after his arrival in The Czech Republic.

Wet Wet Wet!

Tommy, summer 2008.

Just Chilling!

Tommy Takes It Easy.

They Said We Were Hunting Rabbits!

Anna and friend. Summer 2008.

Black Jack!

Jack at The Northern, June 2008

I've Still Got What It Takes!

Bert,summer 2008, the day his offspring left for The Czech Republic. He was 11 years old when he sired them!

Tommy And Anna

Tommy and Anna,just before setting off on their long journey to The Czech Republic, summer 2008. Good luck Eva.

Strike a Pose!

Jack looking slightly bemused by the whole proceedings!

What Did That Photographer Do With My Mum?

The Northern, 2008.

Benji And Big Bruv

Exploring July 2008

So They Do Have A Purpose!

Rats with Finnley.

English Springer Spaniel Club

Jack, April 2008

Our Little "Rats"

April 2008. The Lancs & Cheshire Champ Show.

Jack At Lancs & Cheshire Champ Show

April 2008.

Not Just A Pretty Face!

Blaise In Full Flight!

Crufts Win For Rattan

Rats,having won Puppy Bitch at Crufts 2008.

Pick Me!

Rats in her class at Crufts 2008. We won.

Dark And Delicious!

Rats, The Southern, Feb 2008.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Rattan at the Southern ESS Champ Show, Feb 2008.

Dog Tired!

Tommy taking a nap.

Blackpool Champ Show

Blaise photographed at Blackpool Champ Show.

Rattan makes her debut!

Our little "Rats" at her first show, November 2007. She won!

Our Boy Jack

Approximately 3 months old.

A Typical Beresford Baby

Remember they grow up!

Jack As a Baby

Approximately 3 months old.

Club Show Win In Sweden

Bennie, winning Best Springer Dog at the club show, summer 2007.The judge is Christine Savell.

Blaise At Cheshire County Show

Beresford Blaise, June 2007

Beresford Blaise

Photo taken in our garden June 2007.

Not so little now!

Jack and his liver and white brother. April 2007.

A Baby Rat!

Our much loved little girl.

Swedish Sh Ch Beresford Benefactor


Splash At North West Spaniel Open Show

December 2006.

Picture Perfect!

Tara, striking a pose. The Southern 2007.

Did You Hear Something?

Eileen And Katie.

A Black And White Baby Bert!

Jack aged six months, November 2007.

Beach Babes!

On holiday, summer 2006.

In The Pink!

Eileen on holiday 2006.

Where are we going?

On holiday, 2006.

No Worries!

I'm sure Mum doesn't mind. When's the show?

Does She Know Where She's Going?

Joyce, Splash and Blaise on holiday 2006.

Lying Low!

Joyce on holiday 2006.

Where Did I Put My Ball? I Can't See!

Eileen on holiday 2006.

Fun And Games!

On holiday 2006.

In Hiding!

Joyce on holiday 2006.

Do I Look Good In Pink?

Eileen on holiday 2006.

We Won A Big Rosette!

Blaise, Best Puppy In Show.

What a Darling!

One of Tippi's First Shows.

Joyce In Derbyshire

A fabulous day, 5th March 2006. It isn't all dog shows!

The View's Wonderful From Up Here!

Bert, March 2006.

You Expect Us To Do What!

Tippi and her Siblings

Success In Sweden

Addie,Swedish Sh Ch Beresford Added Bonus, pictured with Jens, winning in Oland in September 2006. The judge was Cindy Pettersson. The other springer is Swedish Sh Ch Trollangens Hot Rumour.


Sold as a pet to Vicky and Paul Warrener, Dudley as a baby. By how he's grown!

Beach Bums!

Splash And Blaise, summer 2006.

Better Than Mum's Baths!

Eileen And Blaise, The New Forrest 2006.

Bennie and Lars - Ronneby

Swedish Sh Ch Beresford Benefactor photographed with owner Lars Svensson, winning at Ronneby in August 2006. The other springer is Trollangens Snow White. The judge was John Hartigan.

Making a Splash!

Splash at her first show, Border Union. She won.

Addie And Jens - Sweden

Addie, Swedish Show Champion Beresford Added Bonus, winning at Halstad show in May 2006. The other springer is Trollangens Up-And-Up. The judge is Johan Ericsson.

Mountain Lions!

Bert and Joyce, March 2006.

Bert In Snow

Derbyshire, March 2006.

Get The Hip Flask Out!

Bert And David, Derbyshire March 2006.

Goteborg - 2006

Swedish Sh Ch Beresford Benefactor, picured here with Lars Svensson, winning at Goteborg show in January 2006. The other springer is Sh Ch Barecho One Vision. The judge was Cindy Pettersson.

With Friends

Trudy and Ingemar on the farm in Dimbo.

Look What I've Found!

Katie, Beresford Fair And Square, summer 2005.

What a Madam!

A joy to live with, our darling Tippi.

Rock Lobster!

With Maine and Ingemar, Dverstorp, August 2005

Best In Show

Bert winning his first challenge certificate and Best In Show. The English Springer Spaniel Club, November 2001. The judge is Bob Jackson. The other springer is Sh Ch Lyndora Interest Rates.

Baby Bennie

He went on to become Swedish Show Champion Beresford Benefactor.

Addie And Jens - Sweden

Sweden, somewhere, sometime!


A show somewhere in Sweden.

Judging In Sweden

Trudy judging in Sweden - September 2004.

Audrey And Pups

Audrey with puppies from her only litter. Two of the puppies became Beresford Fair And Square and Beresford Breakfast In Bed.

A Basket Of Beresfords!

Typical Beresford Babes.

Best Puppy In Show!

Audrey, Beresford Beyond The Pale, winning Best Puppy In Show at The ESS Club Show. The judge is Wendy Walker.

A Challenge Certificate For Stanley

Hawkhill Brave Lord winning his first CC at Birmingham National, 2000. The other springer is Sh Ch Trimere Time to Remember From Mompesson. The judge is June Froggatt.

A Family Outing

Cracker and his relatives at Crufts.