New Beresford Babies

22 September 2016
We have new babies here X More details on the Puppy Page

We have new babies

17 October 2014
Thought it was about time to update my website after goodness knows how many months(years!). So here goes. Tilly ( need to get her a webpage of her own!) gave birth to nine babies. Dad is our boy Theo (webpage to follow shortly I hope) We have boys and girls in liver and white and black and white. We will post more photos as they grow.

We have Puppies!!

05 May 2012
It's amazing how well I can feel on three hours a night sleep!I have been sleeping on a piece of vet bed at the side of our newly arrived puppies. My girls seasons are like buses as the saying goes! Needless to say, we have now got two litters here within a week of each other. Joy! Beresford Blaise has babies by Show Champion Calvdale False Arrest and Waterswarren Walk The Line At Beresford has puppies by our Rianlas In The Black At Beresford. Some of these babies will be available to suitable new owners so if you feel that you could provide the correct home for any of them, please get in touch via email (, Landline 01405 780673 or Mobile 07843385266,

03 April 2012

Tippi Topliss Takes a Reserve CC!

24 March 2012
Up to Scotland today for the club champ show. Wins for Robin, Kelly Kelly and Tina. Tippi made a first appearance back after her litter and won her class and the Reserve Bitch CC. Our judge today was breed specialist Alex Geddes.

Crufts 2012

09 March 2012
That time again! Today was Crufts. Our dogs did us proud as usual. Rattan was second in the open bitch class. Hugh congratulations to all the principal winners and to everybody for making the day so special. For us it was a chance to catch up with old and new friends from overseas. By we were tired when we got home!

Southern Champ Show

18 February 2012
Today we went to the Southern Champ Show.Kelly Kelly, and Halle both won their classes. The judge was Stephanie Rickard.

Lancs & Cheshire ESS Club Open Show

29 January 2012
Today we had a very enjoyable day at the Lancs and Cheshire Club open show. Halle, Tina and Finn all won their classes. The judge was Clive Davies.

Manchester Championship Show

22 January 2012
Not a bad start at the first champ show of 2012. Robin was second in his class. The judge was Yvonne Billows.


10 December 2011
Chistmas Shopping was the order of the day! Robin was second in his class. The judge was Graham Rogers.

Two Shows

12 October 2011
Today we went to two shows, Gundog Society of Wales champ show and The English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales open show. Neither were held in Wales, how sad is that? Robin won Limit Dog and the RESERVE DOG CC, Rattan was Reserve Best in Show at the club show. The puppies also won their classes. It was a tiring but enjoyable day.

Gorgeous Gus

07 October 2011
Today we set off at "we need our heads testing" o'clock in the morning to ask for the opinion of breed specialist Joan Palmer. Robin won Limit Dog and Gus won Open. Asked if he would be handling in the challenge, David's reply was "not until hell freezes over" so Richard handled Gus and was rewarded with the Dog CC and eventually Best Of Breed. That gives him his crown. Whoop whoop! Big sister Delta was awarded the Reserve Bitch CC. Heartfelt thanks to Christine for my beautiful boy. Can you breed me another one just like him please? xxxxx

The Northern Open Show

02 October 2011
Today we went to the Northern Open Show held at Ripon Racecourse which is such a super venue. Our judge was David Craig and we had a very good time all round. All three boys won their classes and Gus was declared Best Dog And Best Opposite Sex. Tina was declared Reserve Best Puppy In Show. Bless Her!

Hot News!

30 September 2011
Today we went to the Costa Del Driffield under our judge Edith Rose. Hot hot hot or what! A lovely day topped by Robin being awarded the RESERVE DOG CC.

Must Try Harder

27 September 2011
Mum is thrilled with Gus's CC in Belfast. Dad says I must try harder or else!

A Perfick Weekend

26 September 2011
Just got back from our mini-break in Northern Ireland and phew are we tired but happy. Gus was awarded the DOG CC (his second) at Belfast Champ Show where our judge was Sue Aston. Thank you soooooo much Christine for this gorgeous boy xxxxxx

We are "Made Up" about today

18 September 2011
City Of Birmingham and Richmond came and went without too much excitement apart from Robin getting stung on the foot in the ring and having to bee (ha ha) withdrawn. Then came Darlington under breed specialist Colin Woodward. The new pups put in their first appearance at a dog show and were placed third and fouth in their class. Mum went on to show them how it's done by gaining the BITCH CC, her third and therefore her crown. Our princess has turned into a queen! Heartfelt thanks to Dave and Jacky for giving us the opportunity to smile each day. She is so very very special.

Could Get Used To This!!!!

28 August 2011
Today Tippi, Gus and Robin went To the Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show under judge Trudy Short. Tippi was second in her class and Gus and Robin both won theirs. Robin pulled out all the stops and was awarded the DOG CC, his second and all by the tender age of 22 months. Thrilled or what, sausages all round!!!!

It just gets better!

21 August 2011
Still on holiday and a day trip to the Welsh Kennel Club Champ show under breed specialist Graham Osbourne. Everyone on the cards again but today was Rattan's day (again!!!)when she was awarded the BITCH CC , her second. Wishing and hoping!!!!

What A Lovely Day

15 August 2011
Holiday time again and off to Bournemouth Champ Show under breed specialist Wendy Walker. Lovely placings all round including a win for Gus and a the RESERVE BITCH CC for Rattan. We were delighted.

Website sadly needs an update!!!!!

08 August 2011
Well the last three months have gone by in a blur and my website is now in need of an update. We can't remember where we have been or what we have won but it included visits to Birmingham, SKC,Southern Counties, Blackpool, East Of England, Leeds and National Gundog!

Head For The Hills!!!!!

30 April 2011
Today we went to WELKS champ show, nestling under the shadow of The Malvern Hills. Such a beautiful setting and today we were basking in sunshine. The sun shone particularly brightly on Gus as he was awarded the Dog CC.

Happy Or What!!!

17 April 2011
"we don't need to put TomTom on until Monmouth". Famous last words!!! Picture this, two fifty plus's singing their heads off along to The Script (or was it Morrissey?) as they sail past their exit for the M42. Never mind, breakfast at Watford Gap services was very nice!!!!!! Thank goodness we didn't miss any of our classes under our judge Angela Mitchell at The English Springer Spaniel Club of Wales champ show. Never one to hide my emotions on big occasions, I believe I brought a smile to a few faces when Robin was awarded BEST IN SHOW having been awarded the DOG CC at the tender age of nineteen months. Whoop Whoop!!!!

English Springer Spaniel Club 2011

10 April 2011
We normally take dogs to shows but today we thought we'd try something different and take a little monkey! Halle to be precise. Having spent most of the morning trying to catch every flying insect and piece of pollen that wafted past her, then managing to tear her toe nail off just before going in the ring for the very first time, she managed to be placed second in the class. We were very happy with her placing that's for sure!

Lancashire & Cheshire Champ Show

03 April 2011
Today was what should have been Robin's last day in Junior but I'd entered him in the wrong class in error. No worries, he won Yearling Dog. The judge was George Clarke.

North Of The Border

26 March 2011
Today we went to the English Springer Spaniel Club Of Scotland Champ Show where our judge was Diane Conrad. All the dogs were placed including Robin who won his class.

Crufts 2011

10 March 2011
Despite road diversions and detours we still managed to be amongst the first people arriving at Crufts! We had a lovely day and all four of our dogs took home a prize card. Robin and Gus's were red ones and Gus got a very special one saying Reserve Dog CC on it.

The Southern ESS Club Champ Show

26 February 2011
Today was the turn of Nicola Calvert to judge at the Southern Champ Show. A win for Robin, a second for Gus and a fifth for Jack. At the lunch break we were honoured to be awarded the Jean Taylor Special for Overall Top Puppy 2010 with Robin and the Margaret Wright Memorial Prize for Best Black & White 2010 with Jack.

Watch Out, Baby Rats About!

17 February 2011
It's a good thing that I don't have a daughter! Oh the fuss and stress involved in this birth (me not Rattan!) Four girls and two boys.

One Week On!!!

07 January 2011
Well I have been sleeping on the floor, next to the whelping box, for one week now and don't I know it!!! Despite my aches and pains, it's well worth it as the babies are coming on a treat. For more information and pictures of the puppies as they grow, please visit our Puppy Page.

What a Difference A Day Makes!

31 December 2010
Yesterday we said goodbye to Bert and today we say hello to nine of his Great Grandchildren. Five boys and four girls. Mum, Sasha, and I are being kept very busy baby sitting whilst teenage Dad, Robin, is out celebrating, sharing the odd tripe cigar or nine, with his mates!!!!

We Say Goodbye

30 December 2010
Today we said goodbye to Bert. A champion in the show ring but at home just 'the old man'.


12 December 2010
LKA,the last of this year's shows, and a super win in limit bitch for Rattan. Gus was second in Limit and Jack, fourth in Open. The fourth of our team, BB, despite being bathed the day before, was left at home as I didn't realise that I'd entered her until we arrived at the benches!!!! Sometimes I think it's a miracle that I get to the shows at all!!!!

Robin Is Going To Be A Dad!!!!!

28 November 2010
Robin has learnt about the birds and the bees and is waiting impatiently for the patter of tiny feet! The "lucky lady" is our Sasha and the puppies are due very early in the new year.

The Midland Champ Show

31 October 2010
Today we went to the Midland Champ Show under breed specialist Chris Savell. It seemed very strange not to have Gus with me at a show! As I am getting "dotty" as I get older, I had no idea whether I'd entered Tippi or Rattan in Limit Bitch. It turned out to be Rattan so Tippi had to sit and watch! All the dogs got on the cards including a couple of first places from Robin and June. The buffet lunch was excellent and we had a lovely day.

We Say Goodbye

28 October 2010
A horrible horrible day. It's only because you love them so much that your heart breaks so much.


08 October 2010
Off to South Wales today at "we need our heads testing" in the morning. Wendy and Steve managed to get there before us as they thought, like everyone else but me!!!, that it was a nine o'clock start. Wendy must have thought I was very chilled and laid back about getting the dogs ready, when I declared we were going off for breakfast! Normally I'm going "off on one" because the dogs need there last minute brush though and of course it has been known that I've finished trimming, twenty seconds before we are in the ring!!! We had a good day. Three seconds and a first from Jack. What a boy.

A day (or two!) At The Races

02 October 2010
Well it's been raining cats and dogs this weekend. We have just got back from The Northern ESS Open Show at the lovely Ripon Racecourse. We enjoyed the day imensely despite getting footrot!!!! We won dog food and prize money to boot. But the day pales against our day at Driffield Champ Show on Friday at Wetherby Racecourse. The heavens opened and we were "Singing In The Rain" as our beautiful "WaterRat" took what we can only hope is her first CC. We are so proud of her.

We Cross The Water

24 September 2010
This weekend we went "across the water" as they say, Northern Ireland to be precise! We had a lovely mini-holiday and visited such memorable places as The Giant's Causeway, Carrickfergus Castle and Springsteen's American Diner! In and amongst we went to Belfast Champ Show under our judge Morag Bolton-Lockhart. We got two firsts, two seconds and a third. Robin was declared Best Puppy In Breed again, bless him. Think the dogs preferred the day after the show better as the photo suggests!

Damp Darlington

18 September 2010
Today we went "just up the road" to Darlington Champ Show. We still managed to get there early enough to help them set up!!! We got three seconds and a fourth. Our judge was Kelly Jenkinson.

Richmond Champ Show

11 September 2010
Well I felt as bright as a button at 2 0'clock this morning as I prepared for our trip to Guilford for Richmond Champ Show. Don't feel quite so bright now as I post this entry onto my website having just got back in some 19 hours later! In fact, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I am far too old for all this motorway madness. Still, we had a very pleasant day and Robin managed another win in Puppy Dog and Gus was third in Limit. Robin went on to be declared Best Puppy In Breed by our judge Meriel Hathaway and later went on to take second in the Puppy Stakes Class under Patsy Hollings.

News from Sweden

10 September 2010
Great news from Sweden today as Trolla was Best Puppy In Show. The Judge was Johan Ericsson

City Of Birmingham

04 September 2010
Today we went to City Of Birmingham Champ Show under our judge for the day, Val Foss. Gus and Tippi got a fifth and second in their Limit classes and Robin won Puppy Dog, and was declared Best Puppy in Breed. Judging had started at 9 o'clock and so we had a very long wait till the puppy group.Bless him, Robin was obviously bored and fed up with the wait and we had to keep his mind on thing's with the aid of sausages! It must have worked because he pulled out all the stops again to take Puppy Group 2 under Martin Sanders.

It's official - I'm bonkers!

27 August 2010
Having just driven back from our hols on the South Coast the day before, I got up at ten past some ungodly hour and drove up to Edinburgh for The Scottish Kennel Club Champ Show. I mean it's not like we win money or anything is it!! Robin couldn't make it three in a row however and we had to settle for second place in the Puppy Dog Class.Jack also got a second in Post Graduate and Gus won Limit. At 6 months and half an hour, baby girl June made her first appearance at a dog show. She was first out of one (!!!!) in Minor Puppy Bitch but was declared Best Puppy Bitch so it made up for the fact that she'd had no one to compete against earlier. The judge today was Robin Sadler who must have thought I was taking the Michael when I set off to move my puppy dog mouthing the words " Come on Robin, what a good boy, try your best"

Day Tripping!!!

21 August 2010
The other bit of our "Two Centre" holiday was a flying visit to The Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show where our boys did us proud again. Gus was second in Limit and Robin was Best Puppy In Breed but today was Jack's day as he won Post Graduate and The Reserve Dog CC. Our judge was Wendy Minshull.

Our Hols, AKA Bournemouth and The Welsh Kennel Club Champ Shows!!!

14 August 2010
We love going down to The New Forest for our summer holiday and this year was no exception. We took Robin Gus and Jack with us and we all had a wonderful time. We had a lovely day at Bournemouth Champ Show. Jack was second in Post Graduate and Gus was second in Limit. Robin managed to do one better and won his Puppy class. He went on to be declared Best Puppy In Breed and pulled out all the stops to be placed third in the Gundog Puppy Group. The breed judge for the day was Glyn Griffith and the Group judge was Gordon Rual

Sibling Rivalry!

07 August 2010
It was very hard to motivate myself to go to Pollard Open Show today after a very long but enjoyable day yesterday but Robin wanted to keep Elin on her toes (who am I kidding!!)He won Best Puppy In Breed under Emma Bootle, the Gundog Puppy Group under Tom Graham and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Ron Carter.

Cheshire Cats Grin As Pups Do The Double!

06 August 2010
Today we headed for the hills, The Malvern Hills to be precise as National Gundog was taking place under our breed judge for the day, Lynda Lillie. Robin won a super, well filled, Puppy Dog class followed by a win in Novice. He was later declared Best Puppy Dog. Gus, Jack and Rattan each took a third placing in their classes. At the end of proceedings, Robin and his beautiful sister, Elin, "fought it out" in the battle for Best Puppy In Breed. Elin "nailed it", and went on to be declared RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW. Way to go Elin!xxxx.

Points Win Prizes!

24 July 2010
Despite only living half an hour from the venue, we were of course almost first in the car park for Leeds Champ show! Two and a half hours later proceedings began under our judge for the day, Marion Morgan. First in, sporting a radical "hairdo" was Robin who won the Puppy Dog class, securing three important points towards his Junior Warrant. This was followed by a win in Novice Dog to get those all important last three points. All by the age of nine months. Phew!!!! Thank you so much Dave and Jacky for entrusting the little bugger to us! And well done Elin for beating your bruv in the challenge for Best Puppy In Breed. XX. Gus took a third in his class and finally, last up, was our little "Rats" who won a really nice Post Graduate class. We love her so much. Then off to enjoy the BBQ at Fran's. A lovely day.

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

17 July 2010
Today we went to The East Riding Gundog Society Open Show under breed judge Ken Willey. The rain stayed away and we had another very enjoyable day. Robin was declared Best Puppy In Breed and went on to win Reserve Best Puppy In Show under Colin Woodward.

A Lovely Day At The Southern

16 July 2010
Today we went to The Southern ESS Open Show. Robin won a couple of classes and Rats won hers. Our "newbies", Roany and Half Half put in creditable performances to be placed second and third in Minor Puppy Bitch. As usual, both the hospitality and the food at this show was second to none.The judge was Christine McDonald.

East Of England - Best Puppy In Breed

10 July 2010
Today we went to the East of England Champ Show. Rattan only had eyes for David who was sitting ring side and the expression "dog and handler in harmony" did NOT apply today! We still managed to get a fourth in Post Graduate but her mind was certainly not on the task in hand. Little monkey. Robin on the other hand, didn't give a monkey's as to where David was and won two classes and was declared Best Puppy in Breed.The judge was Lyn Gregory.

Robin is Reserve Best Puppy in Show !

02 July 2010
Today we spent a lovely day at Harrogate & District Canine Society Open Show. The breed judge was David Felshaw. The three boys each won their classes and Jack was declared BOB. Robin was declared Best Puppy and went on to win Reserve Best Puppy in Show under Jim Outerside.

Blackpool Rocks

25 June 2010
Today we spent a very hot day at Blackpool Champ Show. I really could do with a golf buggy to get all the stuff in from the carpark. Not sure if you are allowed to tow them on the M62 though! In the dim and distant past,I remember going to a dog show with a dog on a lead and a brush. Perhaps it was just a dream? We got on the cards five times, including a couple of firsts with Robin and Gus and a second with Jack. The judge today was Bob Jackson.

Robin wins Best Puppy In Show

12 June 2010
Today we went to The Northern ESS Champ Show where all the Beresford team got "on the cards". Centre stage was left to Robin however as he was declared Best Puppy In Show. Our judge was Sally Leslie.

Ripon Rocks!

05 June 2010
Today we went To Ripon Open Show. We got very very wet (again)! Jack was second in Open, Gus won Post Graduate, was declared Best Of Breed and was second in the Gundog Group. We were thrilled when Robin was declared Best Puppy in Breed by our judge Martin Sanders. He then went on to win the Gundog Puppy Group and eventually was declared Reserve Best Puppy In Show under Pam Marston-Pollock.

Too Hot To Handle!

03 June 2010
A week of extremes! Rain at Bath last week, where webbed feet wouldn't have gone amiss, and today, a tropical heat wave engulfed Newbury Showground for Southern Counties Champ Show. Robin was second in Minor Puppy Dog, Gus and Jack both won their classes and BB was second in hers. The judge was Carole Coode.

Splish Splash I was taking a Bath!

28 May 2010
A monsoon nearly engulfed Bath showground today. We didn't care as we won Best Puppy In Breed with Robin and Rattan was third in Post Graduate Bitch. The judge was Richard Stafford.

Trolla is Best Puppy In Breed Again!!

21 May 2010
Today Trolla and Birgitta went to another show and again went Best Puppy in Breed. The judge was breed specialist Lena Lindh from Kennel Lelica's.

Way To Go - Best Puppy In Show!

15 May 2010
Today tomtom blew us off course a bit and we ended up at Wood Green Animal Shelter for Mid Herts Gundog Show. BB, Gus and Jack all did us proud but the star of the day was Robin who not only won a lovely puppy class of seven but then went on to take Best Puppy In Show under Valerie Foss. We won lots of goodies and enough money to pay for tea on the way home!


14 May 2010
Today Trolla (Beresford Enchanted)went to Skokloster Show and was Best Puppy In Breed and 3rd Best Puppy In Show. The breed judges were Jinty Gill Davis and Tom Graham. A lovely start to her show career.

Rob's on a role!

07 May 2010
Today we went to Stafford Bingley Hall for The National Dog Show. Robin won Minor Puppy Dog and was declared Best Puppy Dog. Best puppy overall went to a puppy sired by our old boy, Sh Ch Calmolly Peter Piper who sired "Melody" at the grand age of 12. Way to go Bert!!!Gus won Graduate Dog and Tippi was third in limit Bitch. The judge was Frank Kane. PS: Gus sends love, hugs and kisses to big sister "Delta" who became a Show Champion today.

Best In Show For Gus

16 April 2010
Today we went to The English Springer Club Of Wales Open Show. The weather was glorious and we ate al fresco (outside as we northerners say!) We were very proud of all our dogs but especially of Gus when he was declared Best In Show. The judge was Sharon Pinkerton.

Robin is Best Puppy Dog !

09 April 2010
Today was the ESS Club Champ Show. We had a super day under breed specialist, John Palmer. Robin started the day off well by winning Minor Puppy dog. He later was declared Best Puppy Dog. Gus then won a lovely Yearling class. BB won her Yearling class and Rattan was second in Post Graduate.

Second Day of Showing!

04 April 2010
Well Robin will think we go to a show every day! This time it was an open show at Newark and the judge was Angela Ternent. Robin was Best Puppy in Breed, Gus won his class as did Rattan who was declared Best of Breed and went on to be placed third in the group. A lovely day.

Robin's Ringcraft!!!!

03 April 2010
Today Robin made his debut at Lancs and Cheshire Champ Show. He was placed second in Minor Puppy Dog which wasn't half bad seeing as how he's only been put on a lead two days before the show! The rest of the team also did well. Gus won Yearling. Jack was second in Post Graduate being beaten by Buddy (Beresford Beat The Clock). Well done Emily. BB was fourth in Yearling and Rats was second in Post Graduate. The judge was Don Miller. Thank you to the committee for supplying the Easter Eggs.

Why is Scotland so Far Away?!!!!

27 March 2010
Thankfully the weather was kind today and the journey not too bad. All the springer exhibitors seemed to end up at the same service station at the same time which was spooky! We had quite a good day as Gus and Jack were both second in their classes, Rattan was third in hers, Tippi was VHC in hers and BB won Yearling. The judge was Diane Scott.

The Big One!

14 March 2010
That time of the year again! Up at daft o'clock and down to the NEC for "Crufts". David came with us and his help was greatly appreciated. It's amazing what you find to buy! Gus was third in Yearling and Rats was second in a hugh Post Graduate Class. The judge was Graham Rogers.

The Southern ESS Club Champ Show

27 February 2010
The first time out in 2010 for the Beresford gang! Today we went to The Southern ESS Champ Show. Such a lovely event and so nice to be able to collect our eagerly awaited year book. The lunch was superb and to cap it off the dogs didn't do badly either! Gus won Yearling, Jack was second in Post Graduate and BB was third in her Yearling class. The judge was Wendy Bentley.

Jack's Brats!

29 January 2010
Well I suppose a cigar is in order for Jack (he prefers the tripe ones!) as today he became a dad to 7 lovely Waterswarren babies. Well done Gracie.

Here come the girls!!!!!!

16 November 2009
We have babies at Beresford. Interested? Why not contact us?

Every Dog Has His Day!

14 November 2009
Today we got up at daft o'clock and set off for Gundog Breeds Of Scotland Championship Show. We nearly didn't set off at all, but that's another story. Gus was second in his class, Jack was fourth in his and Rattan won hers. The star of the day however was Vicky's "Reggie",who won Post Graduate Dog and was then awarded the Dog CC and later, Best of Breed.Really well done Vicky but don't let it go to your head, remember Newark!xxx

Wet Wet Wet!

01 November 2009
The monsoon season struck today! How lovely to bath all your dogs the night before, then have to let them out in the morning, only to have to get the blaster out and start again! Deep signs!! Thankfully Gus won his class and "Rats" was second in hers. The judge was Wendy Willey.

Midland Counties Champ Show

25 October 2009
Lots of hanging around at this show as we were second in the ring! It was worth the wait though as Sasha behaved herself just enough to get a second in Puppy Bitch and "Rats" won a lovely Post Graduate Bitch class. The judge was Tom Graham. Got home very very late!

South Western English Springer

17 October 2009
Nearly didn't make it to this one! A heavy cold starting on Friday night seriously threatened to keep me at home. Not a great deal of fun bathing dogs on Saturday night at the best of times, let alone with a hooter to rival Rudolph! Rattan made it all worth while by finishing up Best Bitch and Reverve Best in Show. The judge was Jane Eyeington.

Gundog Society of Wales

13 October 2009
Well definately overdressed for this one! The weather was glorious so suntan lotion should have been the order of the day. The setting at Malvern is just so beautiful and so nice to be judged outside half way through October. The dogs did well, we got a 2nd, 2 x 3rd and a 4th. The judge was John Thirwell

South Wales

07 October 2009
Today David and I made the long journey to The South Wales Champ Show. The weather was beautiful and the breakfast delicious! Added to that Gus won Graduate dog, Sasha was 2nd in Puppy Bitch, Rattan was 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch and Tippi was 3rd in Limit Bitch. The judge was Sue Aston. On the way home we called for coffee and I fell in love with some Ryeland Sheep which were grazing in a nearby paddock. David put his foot down so I'll have to keep working on that one!

Back to Black!

03 October 2009
Today we went to The Northern English Springer Spaniel Open Show. The judge, Christel Collowin Elmberg, had made the long journey over from Sweden. We made the somewhat "shorter" journey to our local show, via a detour up and down the A1! When I realised we were 20 miles past our exit, Vicky told me that she'd seen both the turn offs but thought I knew what I was doing. DER!!!!!!! All our dogs took placings bar one (mine) so a good day all round. Jack, Rianlas In The Black At Beresford, made a return to the show ring after a bit of a break and was declared Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show. If he thinks he's having another 6 months off between shows, he can think again!

City Of Birmingham

05 September 2009
Today we went to City Of Birmingham Champ show. Gus won the junior dog class and Tippi was VHC in limit bitch.


29 August 2009
The long, long journey to Scotland was well worth it! Beresford Hot'N'Bothered at Amandian (Shaina) made her debut in minor puppy bitch and won the class. We were thrilled. Gus was second in his class, Tippi was third in hers and Rattan won post-graduate bitch and was awarded the reserve CC.

Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show

22 August 2009
Today we went to Wales - eventually! We really should start listening to "TomTom". Gus, Sasha and Tippi all got placed, Tippi winning her limit bitch class, not at all bad for a second outing at this level. The judge was Jinty Gill-Davis.

Our hols!

07 August 2009
Bournemouth Champ Show heralded the start of our holiday. We had an enjoyable day, with all the dogs "in the cards". The judge was Sylvia Bunting. The rest of the week was glorious and the dogs got very dirty in The New Forest but we didn't care!

Leeds Champ Show

24 July 2009
Today we went to our local show, Leeds. Gus and Tippi both came away with second prizes in their classes. The judge was Ray Smith.

East Of England

10 July 2009
Today we went to The East Of England Championship Show. Gus was fourth in junior, Sasha was 2nd in minor puppy and Rattan was 2nd in post graduate. The judge was Carrie Robinson.

Blackpool Champ Show

26 June 2009
Today we went to Blackpool Championship Show. Gus was second in junior to the CC and BOB winner. Tippi was second in her class and new girl Sasha won her minor puppy class. The judge was Valerie Foss.

Getting our news page back on track!

13 June 2009
It's about time that we updated our news page! After his win at the ESS Club show, Gus followed it up with a class win at Birmingham National under judge George Clarke and a further win under Judith Hancock at the Northern English Springer Champ Show.Tippi got a third in her class as did our new baby girl, Sasha.

Gorgeous Gus's Great Day!

24 April 2009
Today we went to the ESS Club Championship Show where the judge was Ann Corbett. We just hoped we would do well. The day just got better and better. Gus won a very strong junior classs, followed by two further class wins which gave him the final points for his Junior Warrant. Not bad for 12 months old! I believe my face was a picture when we were awarded the Reserve Challenge Certificate. I cried. Later that day we were awarded Reserve Best In Show. Just to top the day off, BB won Minor Puppy and Maiden and was declared Best Puppy Bitch.

A Sad Sad Day

20 April 2009
Rita died today.

Happy Easter

12 April 2009
Well it's been a pleasant Easter break for us. Gus won a couple of classes at Eastwood Show on Good Friday under Jo Cuncliffe. This was his last puppy class as he was one year old the following day. Happy Birthday to all his brothers and sisters. Then on Easter Sunday, Helen Cokell judged at Goole Show. Our new puppy girl "BB" won her class and got short listed for Best Puppy in Show. Not bad considering that last week she wouldn't move at all! Gus had to move up to the Graduate class and I was thrilled when he won it. Not to be outdone Tippi won Open, Best of Breed and was shortlisted for Best In Show. Today, Easter Monday we are back to reality. More trimming and shovelling!

Lancashire & Cheshire Champ Show

04 April 2009
Today we went to the club show. Gus won a class and was second in a couple of others. The judge said he needed more weight on him which is a bit hard to achieve at the moment with bitches in season! Rats won her class and our new baby girl came third out of three which came as no surprise as she was totally over (or under) whelmed by the whole occasion. I was more thrilled that Katie won her puppy class. Well done Bob and Gina.

Crufts Win For Gus

07 March 2009
Getting up at 1.30am was worth it! Gus won the Puppy Dog class at Crufts. It was a great day for the Petranella team all round. Well done Chris and Gordon.

Happy Valentine's Day

14 February 2009
Tommy and Anna wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

We have Puppies!!

31 January 2009
We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of 4 boys and 3 girls. The parents are Splash and Gus. Please contact us if you are interested in aquiring one.

Lancs & Cheshire ESS Club Open Show

25 January 2009
Today we went to the club open show. Despite having the asistance of TomTom, we managed to get on the wrong motorway, and did a lap of Knutsford before finding the car park. Vicky and I have decided NOT to try our hand at rally driving! It was a super little venue and we enjoyed ourselves. Gus won the Puppy Dog class and was Best Puppy Dog. Jack won Graduate Dog and Rattan was second in Special Yearling Bitch. We didn't do as well on the raffle!

It's Show Time!

24 January 2009
Tommy wins BOB at an International Show in The Czech Republic. Well done Eva.

Manchester Champ Show

18 January 2009
Today we went to the first champ show of the year. Tippi was third in her class, Gus was second in his but our new baby girl "Holly" did one better and won minor puppy bitch. An interesting day.

Clitheroe Open Show

11 January 2009
Today we went to an open show in Lancashire. Gus won junior and finished as both Best Puppy and Best Of Breed. We couldn't stay for the group unfortunately.

First show of the year

04 January 2009
Today we braved the cold and stood in a cattleshed at Newark showground. We were lucky,we got there early enough to get close to the heater! The occasion was Dukeries Gundog open show. Gus was second in a very nice puppy class. Jack (when we eventually got him to come out of his nice snug cage!) won graduate and Tippi won post graduate. Our judge was Jacky Mitchell.

What Katie Did!

28 December 2008
Goyt Valley Gundog today. Katie beat us all in the junior class and was declared best puppy in breed. She then got into the last cut for best puppy in show. That's her fourth best puppy award out of four open shows attended. Well done Gina and Bob.

Tippi Topliss Takes a Reserve CC!

12 December 2008
Today we went to LKA championship show. The highlight for us was Tippi winning a very large Post Graduate Bitch class and then being awarded the Reserve Challenge Certificate. The Judge was Alex Geddes.

Snow Patrol!

07 December 2008
Latest news from the Czech Republic - It's snowing!!! Anna and Eva

Wishful Thinking

22 November 2008
Oh how I wish I'd won my class today. Never mind, my mum still adores me. Gus at The ESS Club Open Show 22/11/2008.

Benji goes Bronze!

14 November 2008
Benji aced a gruelling testing process today, taking in basic commands, heeling, search/retrieve and agility. In return he is awarded his Bronze Award! He now looks forward to working towards his next level. Well done Benji!

Day Trip to Scotland!

08 November 2008
Today we got up at "daft o'clock" and went to Gundog Breeds of Scotland Champ Show. Gus won Minor Puppy Dog, Rats won Special Yearling Bitch and Tippi was second in the biggest class of the day, Post Graduate Bitch. The judge was Frank Whyte.

A Win For Gus

02 November 2008
Today we went to The Midland Champ Show. Gus won Minor Puppy Dog and Rats was second in Special Yearling. Tippi came fourth out of four in her class. Better luck next time! The judge was Kelly Jenkinson.

Another Champ Show win for Rattan

15 October 2008
Today we went to Gundog Society of Wales Champ Show. Rattan won Graduate Bitch and Gus was second in Minor Puppy Dog

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud!

07 September 2008
Today we went to Richmond Champ Show. The ground conditions were not perfect to say the least. We didn't even mind being towed off the car park as Rattan won both Junior and Special Yearling bitch and the Reserve Challenge Certificate. We were thrilled. The judge was Kay Woodward.

Here come the girls!!

31 August 2008
Today we attended City of Birmingham Champ Show. Rattan won Junior Bitch and Tippi won Graduate. The judge was Ernie Darby.

A Fond Farewell

25 August 2008
Today baby Katie left home. We wish you every success Bob And Gina. Remember, when she does well it was down to my breeding and when she gets chucked it was down to the judge!!

Gorgeous Gus

15 August 2008
Today we brought home a new addition. We went on holiday with three dogs and came home with four! Chris and Gordon, we can't thank you enough. He will be loved.

Wet Wales

05 July 2008
Today we went to South Wales champ show where the judge was Glenn Miller. Jack won Junior Dog, Rats won Junior Bitch and was second in her next class. Tippi got "on the cards" in her class too, so overall it was well worth the trip.

Blackpool Rocks!

21 June 2008
Tippi made a return to the show ring today. She won Graduate Bitch under judge Frank Kane. Better still, she was considered for the RCC. She didn't get it. Maybe next time.

Arrival Of Puppies

21 May 2008
22nd May, Beresford Fine Blend had puppies today. The father is Nobhill Walk On Top At Melverly.

We win a Reserve CC!

08 May 2008
At SKC, under judge Nicola Calvert, our Springers performed well, but the star of the day was our Chow Chow taking the reserve dog CC, under judge Ellis Hulme.

Show News!

07 May 2008
8th May, at Birmingham National Champ Show, Rats won Junior and Novice bitch. Splash came second in Graduate and Blaise came third in Post-Graduate. A good day all round.

A horrible, horrible day

26 April 2008
26th April, today we put Cracker to sleep. We miss him so much. Never "made up" but always a champion to us.

Best Puppy In Show!

19 April 2008
19th April, Jack, Rianlas In The Black At Beresford, finishes his puppy career in style, going Best Puppy In Show at the ESS Club of Wales open show. The judge was Lee Cox.

Championship Show Win for Jack

12 April 2008
12th April, Jack won the Puppy Dog class at the ESS Champ Show - The judge was Alan Bower

Crufts Class Win For Rats!

07 March 2008
On Friday 7th March 2008, our "Rats" did it again. This time she won the Puppy Bitch class at Crufts. The judge was Colin Woodward. Rianlas In the Black At Beresford also "got on the cards", with a Reserve placing in the Puppy Dog class. Well worth getting up at 3.30 a.m for!

Reserve Best Puppy In Show!

23 February 2008
On Saturday 23rd February our little "Rats", Peasblossom Butterfly At Beresford, was Reserve Best Puppy in Show at the Southern English Springer championship show. The judge was Yvonne Billows.The next day she was Best Puppy in Breed at Yorkshire Gundog. The judge was Jack Elliott. A really good weekend for "Rattan".

Best Puppy In Show!

26 January 2008
On Sunday 26th January "Rattan", Peasblossom Butterfly At Beresford, was Best Puppy in Show at The Lancashire And Cheshire English Springer open show. The judge was Julia Grant.

Championship Show Win for Jack

01 January 2008
The first Championship Show of 2008 and Rianlas In the Black at Beresford won Minor Puppy Dog and was Best Puppy Dog. The judge was Wendy Minshull

Rattan makes her debut

04 November 2007
On her debut, on 4th November at the Midland ESS Champ Show, our new girl, "Peasblossom Butterfly At Beresford" won minor puppy bitch. The judge was Fran Glendinning.

Lots of wins and a Reserve CC for Tippi!

25 October 2007
Tippi won novice at East of England Champ show in July. The judge was Judith Hancock She also won novice at the ESS Club of Wales Champ show on 14/10/07. Judge was Jenny Miller. She won Junior and THE BITCH RCC at Midland Counties champ show on 26/10/2007. The judge was Zena Thorn Andrews. At the same show our new boy, Rianlas In The Black At Beresford, made his debut and was second in minor puppy dog.

Championship Show win for Tippi

22 July 2007
Blackpool Championship Show and Tippi wins Minor Puppy Bitch under Glyn Griffiths

A brilliant day for the Beresfords In Sweden

14 July 2007
Swedish English Springer Spaniel Club Championship Show and Swedish Sh Ch Beresford Benefactor wins Best Dog and Reserve Best In Show. As an "Added Bonus" Swedish Sh Ch Beresford Added Bonus was second Best Bitch..

Championship wins for Poppy and Blaise

31 May 2007
Southern Counties Championship Show and Poppy wins Limit Bitch and not to be outdone Blaise wins Graduate Bitch. The Judge was Ann Corbett

Championship Show win for Tippi

26 April 2007
WELKS Championship Show where the judge was Chris Bexon. Tippi won Minor Puppy Bitch. Well done Tippi.

Best Puppy In Show

20 April 2007
Tippi went to ESS Club of Wales Open Show today and won Best Puppy in Show. Judge was Angela Ternent

Splash gets her Junior Warrant!

31 March 2007
Lancs & Cheshire ESS Club Championship Show, Tippi's first Championship Show. The judge was Frances Jackson.She won Maiden Bitch then went Best Puppy Bitch. Splash won Junior and Special Yearling so has enough points for her Junior Warrant.

Introducing "Tippi"

01 February 2007
Meet our new girl - Trimere Talk of the North - whom we call Tippi

Top Stud Dog 2006

10 January 2007
A wonderful start to 2007 as Sh Ch Calmolly Peter Piper is named TOP STUD DOG 2006.

Great results at LKA Champ Show

08 December 2006
Beresford Dress to Impress wins Puppy Bitch at LKA, and Beresford Blaise takes second in a very strong Junior Class. Judge was Mr David Shields.

Championship Show wins

11 November 2006
Beresford Dress to Impress wins Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch at Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show and Beresford Fair and Square wins Post Graduate Bitch.The judge was Mr Frank Bjerklund.

Championship Show win for Splash

05 November 2006
Beresford Dress to Impress wins Puppy Bitch at the Midland English Springer Spaniel Society Championship Show. Judge was Mr Graham Osborne.

Championship Show win for Blaise

25 October 2006
Beresford Blaise wins Puppy Bitch at the Midland Counties Championship Show. Judge was Mr Frank Kane. Well done Blaise

Best Puppy In Show!

30 September 2006
Beresford Blaise wins Best Puppy in Show at the Northern English Springer Spaniel Club Open Show. The judge was Mr R Sillence (Reminisce). Well done Blaise!

We have Puppies!!

31 August 2006
Our Connie (Beresford Breakfast in Bed) presented us with a lovely litter of puppies. Three girls and two boys. Father is Graftonbury Fifth Avenue.

Here come the girls!!

31 August 2006
Blaise won minor puppy at Bournemouth Championship Show on August 12th. Judge Ron Billows Splash won minor puppy at SKC under Jan Eteo. This was on Aubust 27th Splash won puppy bitch at Richmond on 10th September under Carrie Robinson. Well done the girls!

Championship Show win for Blaise

22 July 2006
Beresford Blaise attends her first show and wins First Prize in Minor Puppy Bitch, and then takes Best Puppy Bitch. The show was Leeds Championship Show and the judge was Mr Alec Geddes (Debanza).

Another Beresford Show Champion in Sweden!

07 July 2006
At Harjaro SK Club Show in Sweden Beresford Benefactor (owners Jens Karlsson and Lars and Ingrid Svensson) was 2nd Best Dog out of a total entry of 120 springers. The judge was Tom Bury (Lyndora). On Saturday 22nd July at 2 years and 11 days he took his fifth CC and was made up into a Swedish Show Champion. I am obviously estatic as this is the second export from Beresford to be made up in Sweden.

A big "Splash"

17 June 2006
Border Union Championship Show - our new girl Beresford Dress to Impress, makes a big "Splash" on her debut by taking Best Puppy Bitch under judge Linda Lillie (Freeway). On the following Wednesday she went to Cheshire County Show and took Best Puppy in Breed and Reserve Best Bitch. Well done Splash.

We have Puppies!!

15 March 2006
Parcroft Polly Pocket at Beresford presents us with a lovely litter of four - two dogs and two bitches.

Best Puppy In Show Again!

21 February 2005
Keep It Up Bennie, you may become a champion.

Best Puppy In Show!

14 February 2005
Bennie starting his show career well.